“Life Is Good!”

“Life is good!” is the mantra I live by. Multiple sclerosis is responsible for his attitude. Don’t get me wrong, I have always thought this but now it means a little more. I see things through different glasses now! Small things which I may have overlooked in the past aren’t so insignificant now. I try to see a positive in everything. For example, getting ready in the morning is a challenge. Shaving, brushing my teeth and getting dressed are treated like a game. Everyday, I try to get a little faster at accomplishing these simple tasks. Just typing this blog is a challenge! Everytime I am at a keyboard, I try to hit the backspace or delete button less. If I do, this is success for me. If I can’t accomplish this goal, better luck next time!

It is tough to see the good in all things sometimes, as this disease constantly reminds me that it isn’t going away. Every person is different. My way of dealing with it is to make the best of my life. I may not be able to do the things I took for granted in the past but new passions and challenges are welcomed. I have learned to accept my limitations. Now, I try to read more or binge watch new shows. Living my life vicarously through my kids is also more appreciated. I love to watch them in their many sports or activities. Doing things with my family is so important. Recently, we went to Universal Studios and Sea World in Orlando, Florida for a week. We drove from Pennsylvania due to taking my scooter on the back of my truck. The trip was awesome! I was able to do the parks with my wife and kids because of using my scooter. The first day, we did 11 miles of walking (I rode….haha)! This was the first time I really appreciated and wasn’t self conscience of my ride. In fact, I got many compliments on my scooter.

This bad boy let’s me keep up with my active and crazy family! No more missing things because of MS!

A positive attitude is a must. Sure, there are alot of times where I get depressed, but that is natural. Not dwelling on these moments is critical too me. I have to make the best of what life has dealt me and concentrate on what I can do. If that means looking at my world with different glasses, so be it. People constantly tell me that they can’t believe I am so positive about this condition and can joke about it. I have too…..this is how I deal with MS! If I don’t, it will eat me alive. I am too young to let this happen. I will never give in and hopeful that a cure will be found in the near future.


Author: mstrooper

Husband, Father and State Trooper navigating life's up and downs with Multiple Sclerosis.

One thought on ““Life Is Good!””

  1. I loved reading this because we have a few things in common. One thing is, I was diagnosed with MS almost 18 years ago when I was only 19. It shook me up and I thought for a moment that my life was over. Now I am doing just fine, except for the fun relapse. However, another thing we have in common is a positive outlook on life. I promised myself all those years ago that this illness will never define who I am and it will not defeat me. I do my best to spread as much positivity to this world as I can through the words I write. I do look forward to reading more of your lovely posts and hope if you have time you will check mine out as well. As I already said before, I do the best I can to spread positivity to all that read my posts. Take care and continuing being amazing!!


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